Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tuesday: Istanbul Stock Exchange & the Night of the Raminder

On Tuesday, we visited the Turkish Cultural Foundation, the Istanbul Stock Exchange, and Accenture Consulting. 

Some pics from the bus ride over:

And while we waited to get into the Stock Exchange:

The old boards they used to use for the stock exchange:

Yaseen made friends everywhere we went:

And the Night of the Raminder.  It'd been hard to find good veggie food for her (besides cheese pitas), so we wanted to have a night where we sought out a vegetarian restaurant (and celebrated her awesomeness).  We went back to Taksim Square, where Yaseen made another friend (this time from Georgia -- as in the former USSR) and we ate at a great vegetarian restaurant.  Some pics from the night:

If there's an iPhone around or basketball on (even in video game form), Ben is mesmerized.  Ha!

And a few pics from the subway heading back to the hotel:


  1. Wow. what an extensive trip/class. What benefits did Turkey had for studying International Business? Interested in knowing.