Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Citadel: Hiking up tall mountains, in the snow, uphill (both ways)

We all got a bright and early start, each of us independently waking up around 6am (weird, no?).  But despite that, we weren't out the door until 10am.  (Mornings are tough.)  But once we were out the door, we did a lot.

First, a trip to the city's biggest mall.  I didn't take any pics, though.

And then we took the subway and went to downtown:

We decided to go to the Museum of Anatolian Civilization -- it's the castle at the top of the hill.  See it there, way in the back, with the red flag? Yes, we decided to walk up that mountain hill.

Some sights on the way up there:

Once we got near the castle, stairs started appearing.  Many stairs.

Also, it started snowing!  Just flurries, and nothing stuck.  But the higher we got up the mountain, the more it snowed!

We continued trekking up the mountain, through some vacant and also used homes:

And we got way up to the very utmost top of the castle.  Which, by the way, turned out to not actually be a museum.  Funny story, that. Turns out, it was an area called the Citadel.

There are still a few more pics from the day, but I'm too tired to post them.  Soon.

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