Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday: to the tower!

During the boat ride, Wil said his patented line, "What's over there?" and pointed to a very tall tower on the other side of the shore.  We had no clue, but thought it might be a nice vantage point to see the whole city from, so after the boat ride ended, we went along the walkway over the strait and headed in the direction of the tower.

Along the way, we saw many fishermen and children fishing along the walkway:

Wil wanted to get a group pic of us along this walkway since the view was so nice.  This was our view of him:

And then making our way to the tower:

And so this was the tower.  Turns out, everyone else had the same thought, and there was a huge long line to get in.  We still didn't know what the tower was, but we hopped in line with everyone else and waited. 

And then the 5 minutes that we stood in line waiting got to be too much for some folks, so we got out of line and had to decide what to do next.

(I must run to breakfast now but will hopefully post more pics later.  I cannot believe I'm still posting Sunday pics and it's Friday already!  Last day of the trip.)

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