Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday: A 6-hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany

Hi!  Long time no see.  I wasn't going to post my Germany pics because I wasn't too wow'ed (wow-ed? wowed?) by them, but decided what the heck. 

On our flight back to the US, we had a 6-hour layover in Frankfurt.  Last year, we had an exchange student from Germany who was just awesome.  When we realized we'd be in Germany on this trip, he very generously offered to drive (2 hours!) to pick us up from the airport and show us around Frankfurt, even though he wasn't that familiar with the city himself.  Some pics from that layover:



And our awesome host, Bastian:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday: the nighttime

Friday night, we had our last group dinner together:

And it was fun.  But not as delicious as a dessert Raminder discovered during our trip: McDonalds apple pie + ice cream.  With no chocolate syrup.  That's the key.  So we went!

And stopped by a shop to get some Turkish delight:

Ben and Raminder had some thing where they wanted to jump and touch things.  I don't know.  But anyway, Ben touching this traffic light is my last (blurry) pic in Istanbul (except for the next day at 4am at the airport, but that doesn't count because I was half asleep and the picture is bad).

We had to leave the hotel at 3am to catch our flight back, so we stayed up the rest of the night.  BRN and I had a 6 hour layover in Germany, where we went out and got to explore Frankfurt a bit.  I'll probably post a few pics from that.

But otherwise, the Turkey trip is finished!  Whew!