Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday: Aya Sophia

After going to the Blue Mosque, we walked across the street to the Aya Sophia, a church-turned-mosque.

Edited to include cool info from my friend Dennis:
"[This is] the spot where the Constantine XI Palaiologos the last of the Byzantines threw down his Imperial regalia and fought hand to hand with the invading Turks!"

Edited to add info from Dennis:  "[This] is the Galata Tower. It was built by the Genoese. You can tell by the column entrance that it is more classical Italian than Greek or Turkish. Supposedly Hezarfen Celebi, a famous engineer of the Caliphate, was able to manage the earliest examples of sustained flight out of a machine of his own design."  (His commentary makes me appreciate this all the more.)

So many people have stepped on this path over the hundreds (thousands?) of years that the stone has actually worn through:

The internet has been so terrible here that I'm now on some weird unlocked internet.  Sigh.  We also didn't have any water this morning (AGAIN -- and although I had just finished taking a shower by the time the water went out, I was still angry based on the principle of the thing). 

We're only halfway done with Sunday.  More pics of Sunday to come.

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