Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday: The streets of Ankara + a mosque

Quick status update: As of right now, it is 11:30pm on Sunday night, here in Istanbul.  I'm 1.5 days behind my pics, but will hopefully catch up soon!

Saturday morning, Wil (the prof) and I headed out into the streets of Ankara to meander about.  I had felt that I was super familiar with Ankara at that point, but I quickly realized there were large chunks of areas that I had never been to before.

The streets in Turkey are incredibly clean.  There aren't even any trash cans anywhere in the streets.  Cleaning crews and trucks are constantly cleaning up:

And here's Wil:

And some pics from the streets:

Afterward, we headed to a mosque -- my first ever!  Women were allowed on the main floor during visiting hours (although during prayer time, it appears as though they need to be up in the balcony), so I was able to walk around.

This was the outside of the Begendik Kocatepe mosque:

A view of the dome:

The rest of Saturday was spent taking a 7 hour bus to Istanbul.  Pics to come soon.

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