Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday: the Blue Mosque

After arriving in late to our hotel in Istanbul, we woke up the next morning, went outside, and saw this as our view:

A partially demolished building.  What makes it more fun, as we discovered yesterday night, is that they mainly do the demolishing starting at midnight.  In fact, they started again right on the dot tonight, exactly 7 minutes ago (as it is now 12:07am Wednesday).  Fun times.

But anyway, this past Sunday, once we got over the view, we journeyed to the Blue Mosque, a famous mosque very nearby:

It was incredibly hard to get a clean shot because there were hundreds of tourists there.  I had to cover my head with my trusty pink scarf (thanks, Grandma!), so that was kind of cool!  Anyway, it was such a difference from the mosque I went to the day before, where there were literally about 6 people in the entire building. 

This Sunday had so many events that I'm breaking it up into different posts, so I don't have one gigantic entry to post.  More to come.

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