Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday afternoon: a bus ride to Istanbul

Sorry for the lag in pics.  Busy busy busy busy.  Saturday afternoon (after Wil and I got back from the mosque), we took a 7 hour bus ride to Istanbul.  As a lifelong lover of all things public transportation, especially a bus, I was ecstatic.  (I hope you can sense the increasing sarcasm in that last sentence.)  Some shots from the bus:

Halfway there, the bus made a pit stop for 20 minutes so we went in to get something to eat:

(Once I ordered food, I realized that I was eating food at a bus stop.  This snobbery would normally prevent me from taking another bite, but somehow things are different in Turkey.)

And a view from the back of the bus as we headed into the outskirts of Istanbul.  To make the drive even more uncomfortable, the air conditioning was broken the entire time (either blowing out no air or blowing out hot air), so we were all slowly melting. 

We arrived into Istanbul around 9ish that night after getting kicked out of our shuttle (I think we probably offended our driver by accidentally saying something rude in Turkish) and had dinner.  Then immediately fell asleep.

Okay, will post Sunday pics soon!

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